The Journey

 In 1984, Rob Thomas began his career by working for a company in Wholesale Food Distribution located in Salt Lake City, UT. Rob loved healthy, local products – especially bread! In 1991 Rob found himself with a wife and 3 children who were picky eaters and didn’t prefer healthy bread. He began working on a line of healthy breads that could be baked and distributed locally, and most of all, that his children would eat!

        After developing and improving upon 4 different types of bread, the Granny’s Delight® bread line was born! Potato White Bread, Spouted Wheat, High-fiber Whole Wheat, and a Multi-Grain bread called “Bountiful Harvest”. The best part was Rob’s children loved the bread! In fact, everyone loved the bread! Demand began to soar and Rob needed help beyond what his small bakery could produce. After signing a contract to work with a larger bakery to produce his bread, Rob returned to work to fulfill his dream of providing healthy bread to picky children and adults… Everywhere! It was his goal to provide households everywhere with healthy bread that they could afford.

        A few years later after Granny’s Delight® had become a household name in Utah and Idaho and was selling better than ever, Rob was approached by the bakery he was working with. He was instructed that he absolutely had to include chemical preservatives in his bread so that it wouldn’t go moldy as fast. He was also told that he could make much more money if he switched to powdered cellulose (a fancy name for food-grade sawdust) for fiber instead of the pure wheat fiver concentrate, he was using.

        This news infuriated Rob, who instructed the bakery, “My bread will always remain chemical and sawdust free!”

        Since 1994, Rob has always stayed true to his commitment to offering healthy bread and still aspires to his same goal of providing every household with healthy bread that they will love, at an affordable cost.

Special Thanks

Melody Beutler – Dietician/Nutritionist and Foods/Nutrition teacher at Davis High School

         “Thank you, Melody, for helping develop the nutritional contents and labeling for my bread recipes over the years”


Vanner Johnson and Mike Howell – Bakery Specialists

         “Vanner and Mike, thank you for your patience along this journey to make bread that at times seemed impossible. Especially the High-Fiber Wheat, which as we all know was the most difficult when perfecting flavor, texture, and my nutritional expectation.