OUR MISSION:  Feel good knowing that we use only the finest wheat and flour from the Local Intermountain Region.  GREAT BREAD - GREAT PRICE !

We sell our products at lower prices than normal for the single purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to purchase healthy bread at an affordable price. You won't see us in major ads or giant price wars where the mass-produced stuff ends up. But you will find our bread at a great price with great ingredients, great taste and NO WEIRD ADDITIVES.

Father & Son watch.

Behind The Scenes!

Our Whole Wheat & Fiber bread is especially a challenge to bake because the fiber  concentrate loves to soak up water in the dough and retain the moisture. This causes the dough to have a hard time raising correctly and the poor bakers struggle with it at times. So, if the fiber bread looks small or funny – please accept our apology , we're doing the best we can with a very difficult bread. I affectionately call this one the "Fiber-Monster". It sure tastes good though. I get calls from many a mother who tricked her child into eating it instead of white bread and THE KIDS LOVE IT!! This was a major goal, to have good tasting, all natural Whole Wheat and Fiber bread that people of all ages love and can afford. The other 2 varieties, Sprouted Wheat, and Potatoe White are much easier to make and taste wonderful also.

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