OUR MISSION:  Feel good knowing that we use only the finest wheat and flour from the Local Intermountain Region.  GREAT BREAD - GREAT PRICE !

We sell our products at lower prices than normal for the single purpose of giving everyone an opportunity to purchase healthy bread at an affordable price. You won't see us in major ads or giant price wars where the mass-produced stuff ends up. But you will find our bread at a great price with great ingredients, great taste and NO WEIRD ADDITIVES.


Our Granny's Delight Breads can be found at many local Grocery Stores, Health Food Markets and most Independant Grocers in Utah and Idaho.

Tell the store managers at your favorite stores to order GRANNY'S DELIGHT!

(download bar codes from PICK ME!)

Let your voice be heard!

Your passion for high quality food CAN and HAS made a difference in our distribution!

Thank you!!